lemonBelieve it or not, you can use lemon juice instead of harmful weed killers to get to thoselchart hard-to-remove weeds that always come back, particularly in the cracks of your sidewalk or driveway. For more efficiency, put the lemon juice in a garden hose filter, and soak the area thoroughly.

For natural hair highlights, use lemon juice directly on your hair before going out in the sun. There are many different suggestions for how much lemon juice, but it depends on the hair. You may have to experiment to see what works best for you. But always wash your hair afterwards.

Like hair, nails can be brightened with a little lemon juice. Again, there are many recipes for whitening nails, however, if you find a recipe online that also recommends using lemon to whiten teeth, I would not recommend lemon for this. My mother worked for a dentist for a long time, and she said that the citric acid is too harsh on the teeth and gums. You can also mix a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on a toothbrush to get the same results, but keep in mind it will take a few applications to notice a difference.

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